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Game Enhancer Cheat Code Sites

Asian GameShark Code Centre - Mainly codes for the Japanese games. Regions: SCEI
Cheat Code Central - Mainly GameShark codes. Regions: SCEA
Code Junkies - The official Action Replay - Datel site. Regions: SCEE
GameBuster Paradise - Codes for all regions. Regions: SCEI, SCEA and SCEE
GameShark Code Creators Club Regions: SCEA
GameShark Official Site - The official GameShark site. Regions: SCEA

Game Review Sites

Absolute Playstation
Bean's Playstation Dimension
Videogames Gamespot

Hardware Hacks

Andrew McCubbins PSX Hacks - Has several differrent hacks including how to emulate a PSX controller.
Play Saver - A device to allow you to save your memory cards to a PC.
PSX to PC adaptor cable - How to build an adaptor to use your Dual Shock controller on a PC with feedback.
SkyWalkers PlayStation Corner - Includes a hack to had a new BIOS to your PSX.

Programming and Bit Banging Sites

bITmASTER's page - PlayStation and Dreamcast info.
NAPALM - Lots of info and stuff.
PlayStation Basic - Write your own software for the PSX and download it to your PSX via a Comms Card and Game Enhancer, possible to create stand alone CD's.(Need GE or ModChip to boot your CD.)
PSX-Anarchist's - Gook UK site
PSX Developer's Connection - Getting abit dated

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