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Here you will find the installation documentation for various products I supply.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are intending to use the documentation and diagrams on this site for installing a Stealth Chip ( for PlayStation and PSone only), please ensure that the chip you are going to install is using the Multi-Mode v3.xx code. If you are not sure please ask your vendor, some are using Multi-Mode v2.xx and earlier versions or different versions of the Stealth chip which use different connection points. All chips I program and supply use the Multi-Mode v3.xx code. For more information please read the Multi-Mode v3.xx page. Note: PlayStation 2 modchips use Neo2.2 code or Messiah.

Please ensure you have read the Disclaimer before attempting any of the installations described in this section.

For a hassle free installation:

  • Read the doc's
  • Take your time
  • Use the right tools
  • DOUBLE CHECK your work

Please select the model you have. If you are not sure read the FAQ on how to identify your model.

SCPH 102 | SCPH 1002 | SCPH 5502 | SCPH 7002 | SCPH 7502 | SCPH 9002 | PS2

Installation Documentation for SCPH 102 (PSone)

Installation Documentation for SCPH 1002

Installation Documentation for SCPH 5502

Installation Documentation for SCPH 7002

Installation Documentation for SCPH 7502

Installation Documentation for SCPH 9002

Installation Documentation for PlayStation 2 - NEO2.2 Modchip (Requires a Action Replay or Region x DVD cartridge/CD)

Installation Documentation for PlayStation 2 - Messiah Modchip

Installation Documentation for Xbox

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